Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who's In Charge Here?

Yesterday I was reading I Kings chapters 1 thru 4. It's about the death of David and Solomon becoming King. But it's also about one of the biggest mistakes that I think a lot of believers make, myself included.

The book starts our with Adonijah, another son of David, setting himself up as king while David was still alive. In a nutshell, he thought, well, one of David's sons will be king, might as well be me. He met with some of David's spiritual, political and military advisors and friends. They all agreed with him. And so away he went. Planning and moving ahead with his idea of what he should do, what only seemed right to him, and after all, he had the "go-ahead" from some very important people.

Only one little mistake.

He neglected to check with the one who was in charge.

He didn't check with David.

In the end, this mistake would cost him his life.

How different his life might have turned out if he had gone to David first. If he had sought the advice and direction from his father. He then might have had a place in the kingdom, under his brother Solomon and lived a long life.

But he forgot who was in charge.

Don't we do the same thing? We seek counsel from friends, from family, and from our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Don't get me wrong....this is good and we should do this......but......

Don't forget to go to the one who is in charge.

Don't forget to go to God and His Word for the final "say-so".

Al counsel and advice from outside God and His Word needs to match up to what God & His Word says. Even brothers and sisters in Christ can give us wrong/bad advice.

For example, years ago, when my wife and I were experiencing rough times in our marriage, one sister in Christ reccomended to my wife that she leave me. Man, I'm glad my wife listened to the Lord and His Word instead of that sister!

So, the next time we have a decision to make....let's remember to take it to the One who is in charge.

Ok, so there's that.
Pastor Dave

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Deena said...

I'm glad I didn't listen to her, too! Sometimes we can be well meaning, but still miss the boat...

I feel better when I know the person I'm helping is running my words past the throne of God first:-)