Thursday, March 18, 2010

Abandoned To God

Almost two weeks ago I had surgery on my left hand. Because of that, I can only type with one hand....and so, I have rarely been online, blogging, on facebook or answering emails. It's just too big of a hassle, and way too time consuming, so this will be a very short blog entry.

What I have been doing though, is a lot more reading of God's Word...and other books, and much more time in prayer.

This has driven me to a conclusion that I do not like, but must admit.

The conclusion is twofold: 1: I have idols in my life, and 2: I'm not as abandoned to God as I should or could be.

I am asking you to join with me in prayer, that I might be what God has called me to be...with abandon. Hopefully, you will see some of the results of a life lived in abandonment to God, here in this blog...but more importantly, I pray that my family , my church, my friends, my brothers, my neighboors and my community will see it in my life.

Monday, the stitches will be removed, and two weeks after that I hope to be able to retun to two-handed typing...and have much to share.

I close with some lyrics to a favorite song of mine:

Abandoned To God

Oh for a heart that loves the Lord, undivided, holy and pure.
A workman unashamed, rightly dividing the Word.
Counting all things loss–except for knowing Jesus.
Just to bear the cross–sharing His sufferings, to glorify Jesus Christ my King. Abandoned to God, heart, soul, and mind.
Surrendering every part of my life.
This is my prayer, my solemn vow: just to be hopelessly, helplessly, faithfully abandoned to God."

By faith alone, in Christ alone.