Saturday, March 17, 2007

Prayer Request Update

Thank you for all your prayers.

The surgery went well, and the doctor believes he got as much of the tumor out as possible.

Henry will still have to go through chemo, and other procedures in order to ensure that the cancer is completely gone, but at this time all parties involved believe that it has been defeated and destroyed.

As I receive further updates throughout the long process of healing I will post them here.

One of the amazing things to see through all of this is the grace that God gave his family as they had to wait for the results of all of this. While we were praying for Henry and his family, his parents lifted our faith when we talked to them by the strength of their faith in God through all of this and by the outpouring of the grace of God that was evident as they shared the details of what was happening as well as the thoughts and emotions they were feeling.

Still praying,
Pastor Dave

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Deena said...

Still praying...

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