Friday, September 18, 2009

Name Change

Yes, this is the blog formerly known as "Pastor Dave Lets His Hair Down" to be known as "Confessions Of A Small Church Pastor".

I chose the name change for a couple of reasons:

1) My hair is not all that long anymore...and the original name for the blog was a play on the fact that most of the members of the church that I pastor had never seen me with my long hair "down". I had always worn it in a ponytail at church.

2) I find that being a pastor of a small church (just under 100 in Sunday morning service...although it used to be much smaller than that), affects my perspective on many things.

And so, I thought that the change in name was needed.

Hopefully it will spur me on to post more frequently and on a regular basis.

And with that....I'm off to make a REAL blog entry.

See ya in the funny papers.
Pastor Dave

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