Thursday, May 31, 2012


This week my son graduates from High School. He is the baby of the family. The last of the kids to make it through the halls of High School. Because of all the preparation for this monumental event, my time is very limited, and so I have not changed the name of the blog yet, but it is coming after the weekend. By the way, did I mention that my son is the salutatorian for his graduating class? So, for the post today, I am going to keep it rather short and sweet. I wanted to share with you the books that I have on my bookshelf that I hope to read over the next several weeks. Let me know if you are planning on reading any of these, or if you have a book or books that you are hoping to get through over the summer months. I will start with the first book by Matt Chandler, "The Explicit Gospel".
A small but power packed devotional book is up next. I have already started on "Pierced By The Word" by John Piper. Piper has always impacted me with his writing and his passion for the Gospel and for the lost. So far, for a little book, it carries a big message.
Years ago I read "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" by Jim Cymbala, and it made me rethink my prayer life. Then I went to a prayer summit put on by Daniel Henderson and my life was never the same. Jim an Daniel have joined together to promote prayer as a way of life in seminars and prayer summits across the country. So I am anxious to read the latest book by Jim Cymbala, "Spirit Rising", which carries a forward by another of my favorite authors and preachers, Francis Chan.
Then there is "Soul Detox - Clean Living In A Contaminated World" by Craig Groeschel. If you've never heard of Craig, I highly recommend you check out some of his other books, such as "It" or "The Christian Atheist" and be prepared to be stimulated and challenged.
And finally, I want to try and read "Mark - The Gospel Of Passion" by Michael Card. Michael is a singer, musician, author and teacher, and his books are rich with imagery and imagination. You cannot go wrong with either his music or his writings.
So, that's all for now...time to get reading! Pastor Dave

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