Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pastor Dave STILL Lets His Hair Down

Ok, back in March I posted about changing the name of the blog to something different since I have cut off my hair. I mentioned that if I chose one of the names that was submitted, that I would send the winner a prize.

Here are some of the ones that I liked the best:

Pastor Dave on:Holding our minds to the fire.

Pastor Dave's Show and Tell.

Pastor Dave keeps it short.

...and my very favorite of them all....

Pastor Dave gets jiggy for Jesus.

(My public apology to Bim for losing the ones you sent me through Facebook.)

But I have decided to keep the blog under the current name, "Pastor Dave Lets His Hair Down." I decided to do this for two reasons. One, is that I think it really reflects the intentions of this blog. As one person commented, "Letting your hair down" can mean a candid expression of feelings -- isn't that still legitimate?".

The other reason is that I have decided to let the hair grow back out. From the very first time people at the church saw me with short hair I keep being asked if I'm going to grow it back out. My response has always been, "I've been growing it back out since the day I got it cut."

Now how long I will let it go is another subject. At one time it was fairly lengthy. It was several inches past my shoulders. I cut it to just above shoulder length once before and then it grew back out to just barely past my shoulders when I cut it this last time. So what that all means is that I have no idea how long I will let it go this time, but as it grows I will be sure to change the picture to keep everyone updated.

And in case you're wondering what all this has to do with anything.....ummmm...not much.

Still letting my hair down,
Pastor Dave


Bim said...

Glad to hear the hair's returning. My name suggestions were:

Dave Peterson - The Buzz (a very subtle reference to getting your hair 'buzzed', but still pertinent to topics of discussion.)


Dave Peterson's Shortcut

Deena said...

I liked Bim's ideas;-)