Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Sin

My Sin

A couple of “blogs” ago I confessed that I had a sin that I was battling, and that I would make a full confession in an upcoming blog.

So here it is.

I’m a glutton.

There’s something about that word that just makes me want to squirm. If I say, I am fat, well, we know lots of fat people don’t we? Fat, while not a compliment, doesn't carry the same weight (no pun intended) that the word “glutton” does.

The problem is that most of us think of gluttony as a problem with eating too much, or being overweight, but gluttony like all sins, is not a physical problem. It is a spiritual problem, a heart problem. I am a glutton at heart

I recently heard a message from The Village Church by Paul Matthes, where he confesses his sin of gluttony. He has a great definition of the sin of gluttony. Here it is:

“Commonly seen in eating, gluttony is a lack of a faith in God that expresses itself through excess, and expects total satisfaction from some idol of choice, at the expense of community, responsibility and trusting worship of God”

I am a glutton.

Since this is a forum where I “let my hair down”,I am going to ask you, my brothers and sisters to help me battle this sin. It does show itself in my weight,without a doubt, but I don't need a new fangled diet book, or a new type of workout (you have to have an old type of workout before you can get a new one), no, what I need to do is repent of my sin of gluttony.

Take a look at Ezekiel 16:49 from The Message: "The sin of your sister Sodom was this: She lived with her daughters in the lap of luxury—proud, gluttonous, and lazy."

I don't know about you, but this is not the kind of company that I want to keep.

So on Friday, my day off from the county, I am going to seek out a gym. On Saturday, I am going to the gym. I am going to begin to address this sin of gluttony…..from the outside and from the inside.

I ask you my brothers and sisters, to love me enough to hold me accountable. If I worship with you Sunday, ask me how the workout is going...ask me how I’m doing at saying "no” to food and “things” that are part of this sin called gluttony. If you are reading this blog and we don’t have contact, then email me with suggestions, prayer or encouragement.

We were not meant to walk this road alone. I ask for your love, encouragement and grace, as I battle this sin.

Oh, and if anyone wants a copy of the message that has inspired and uplifted me on this subject, (and I believe that even “skinny” people can be gluttons so you might need it too), then email me, and I will be glad to burn you a cd of the message and get it to you.

Yes, I have been a glutton.

But God is calling me out of my gluttonous sin, to live a life according to his Word, according to His plan, according to His mercy and His grace.

I have been a glutton, but I will live like a child of the King, to be a glutton no more.

Ok, so there’s that.
Pastor Dave


Deena said...

Well, this is going to be interesting...

Anonymous said...

So, how are you addressing the heart issue?

I sin in this area as well, eating as much for comfort as nourishment--which doesn't allow God to be my comforter. Am attempting to deal with it using prayer and scripture...

Pastor Dave said...

The heart issue...hmmm...that is the root of the problem isn't it.

I have no concrete answers for anyone other than myself. If you find that it works for you, then praise God.

First, my gluttony is not just in eating...I tend to over-indulge in things I like. For instance, I am a music junkie. I hog/hoard books. I buy dvd's even when I haven't watched some of the ones I already have.

So for me, it covers many areas.

I deal with the heart issue in this way. I start every day now with prayer and time in the Word. Next, when the temptation to gluttony arises, in all it's various ways and places, I am training myself to ask, will this please the Lord, will it bring me closer to Him, and will it hurt in any way (emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc) myself or those that I love.

I'm not saying that it works every time. After all, if I had self-control mastered, I wouldn't be a glutton in the first place.

But it is getting better, and easier, day by day, moment by moment, temptaion by temptaion. Hope this helps.

In His service,
Pastor Dave

Anonymous said...

What you describe is similar to what I'm doing, and I'm sure that my gluttony is deeper than eating as well. So, looks like another area for me to delve into...


I've been reading "Revolution of the Heart" by Dallas Willard, and the Lord has been revealing some things to me along these lines. Isn't it amazing how different we all are in the way we think (our thought processes)? What "works" for one, doesn't for another. Thanks be to God, who's considerably more intellegent than all of us and is able to bring us each into an awareness of our sin!

God, bless Dave.