Friday, December 29, 2006

And So It Begins....

Well, here I go, thanks to the push by my friend Pastor Steve, I am taking the plunge into the world of internet blogs.

I have titled my blog site as "Pastor Dave Lets His Hair Down" for a couple of reasons. One is that as Pastor of Loma Rica Baptist Church I wear my long hair in a ponytail, and very few have seen me with my hair "down". So the picture shows me "un-pony-tailed". The second reason is that we use the expression "let your hair down" as a way of telling people to relax, have a good time, etc. And that is what I want this blog to be. A place for people to come to, read my thoughts, my concerns, my musings on scripture and the world around us, to post their responses, to be themeselves, and have a good time doing it.

One of the things I plan on doing is using this blog to document my journey throught the scriptures in the year 2007. The goal is to read a portion of scripture daily, starting 01/01/07 and document my thoughts, opinions, questions, and amazement at what I find in the Word of God. I am encouring my church, my brothes and sisters in Christ, and anyone else who wants to join me in this journey to read along and to post their opinions as to what I say on the blog and to what the Lord says to them through His Word.

My church will be receiving the Bible reading schedule in their bullitens this week, but if you are reading this and are not a member of my church, just email me a and I will send you a copy of it.

I will also be using the blog to post my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and whatever else is going on in my life. So that is another reason for calling this blog "Pastor Dave Lets His Hair Down".........and lastly, don't let the picture scare you.....I'm pretty much a conservative when it comes to theology, but I do have my radical tendencies.

Oh, and one last thing (seems like us preachers are always saying that), please ignore the grammatical mistakes that are bound to be in this blog. My wife is the english major, not me.

In His service,
Pastor Dave

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DeeMarie said...

Sounds interesting, honey. And yes, there are grammatical and spelling errors here...I'm the English major wife...but I look forward to more.
Love ya,